Amethyst Crystal Stone Tree For Vastu And Healing #G37


In Vastu and Feng Shui, Gemstones Tree is used to enhance the energies in the surrounding and balance the external influences. This tree is not a person per say but benefiting everyone in the premise. It is also known as Wealth Tree as it can help to invite Wealth Luck based on its placement.

“What is Gemstones Tree used for in Feng Shui?”, all Is my clients ask me this question when I insist them to use this Tree in their house or office. It is also important for you to know; what is the purpose of the items you are using for good and vibrant energies in your house and how it works. Even, I enjoy sharing this with my clients as I strongly believe, knowledge can aid build trust and trust, in turn, helps to get results.


Amethyst Crystal Tree of Life –  Throughout history, this crystal has been used as a symbol of healing and intoxication. People used it as a source of therapy due to its soothing effects on the mind and body. It is a type of quartz that consists of iron and trace minerals. There are many stones that emit a healing aura out of them, Amethyst is prominent as it has the ability to radiate its effects in the three planes of emotion, physical and spiritual. This promotes peace, stability, and calmness that prevents impatience and irritability. This precious stone is present across the globe but major reservoirs have been found near Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and Africa.

Amethyst has a special role to play in enhancing one’s intellectual and cerebral thoughts.
Like mentioned earlier, it promotes sobriety and brings out the peace and calm nature. It acts just like a detoxifying agent that clears the poison and make something clear and intoxicated. It is an antidote to all the poisonous and lethal thoughts that one’s mind concocts and makes it cleanse and sterile.

Amethyst is a stone that is said to lessen addictions and makes people let go of their bad and negative thoughts. People who are hyper and angry all the times are often advised to wear it as this empowering stone helps to soothe the anger. There are many shapes and varieties of this crystal that are available in the market. Many people specializes in the education of crystals and healing, so if you want to have the appropriate crystal, then you can buy one by taking help from them as each crystal has its own unique effect.

The stone loses its effects in the direct sunlight so care should be taken to place it at a suitable place if you are using it as an ornamental object. Moreover, it is advised to clear the energies of the stone by placing it under running water and unpolished amethysts also serve to charge the nearby stones as well that adds another benefit to the list of its existing benefits.


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